Labor supply

Additional Material:

Sorting in the labor market

  • Log additive worker and firm effects slides slides
    • Walter Y.OiTodd L.Idson (99) paper
    • Abowd Kramarz and Margolis (99)
    • Andrews et al
    • Card D, Heining J, Kline P paper
  • Sorting in theory slides
    • Becker Family
    • Shimer and Smith
  • Non-linear sorting and wage policies slides
    • A Distributional Framework for Matched Employer Employee Data paper

Additional Material:

Partial insurance

  • Blundel Pistaferi Preston slides
  • Heathcote Sorestleten and Violante slides
  • Notes on contracting
  • Notes on earnings and consumtpion

Extra topics

  • Diamond Mortensen Pissarides notes.
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